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John Paul Jackson’s Dreams and Mysteries

This is a fantastic show on how God uses dreams to speak to us and WHY He uses dreams to speak to us. John Paul is known to have a real gift and calling on this subject. If you’re at all interested in dreams, find out what he has to say. 


So I am having an increase in prophetic dreams again and believe the Lord is wanting to pour more of them out particularly in my church body. I have another blog at called Journeys in the Night 

Whether you are a part of Grace Fellowship or not, I would love to add your dream to my blog. I will add your name but if you would like for me to post it anonymously, I can do that as well. Just email your dream to nighttimejourneys@gmail.com. I will give my interpretation and others are able to add theirs as well. I will also be posting content about how to handle your own dreams and interpret them.

God speaks to us in our dreams. I firmly believe that. That is why I started a new dream blog, not only to record my own and get others to interpret them but to have a place for whoever wants to, to share their dreams as well. If you would like to share your dream on Journeys in the Night please send me your dream at nighttimejourneys@gmail.com

The actual web address of this blog is http://journeyinthenight.wordpress.com

Please feel free to leave comments if you have a possible interpretation or would like to discuss other things about the dream.

Interpreting our dreams oftentimes can be a confusing process that can take some time to wade through. I have listed some hints and steps to assist you in interpreting some of your night visions.

  1. First and most importantly, ask the Holy Spirit if the dream is from Him.  You may also use my blog “Dream Types” as a reference tool.
  2. The second step is to write the whole dream down containing every detail that you can remember… everything from the color of a shirt to a number. Write it down as soon as you wake up. The sooner you write it down, the more detail you are likely to remember.
  3. Tell someone… not anyone and everyone but SOMEONE. I can’t tell you how many times that I have told a dream to someone and suddenly had understanding of the dream as I am telling it. Be careful to tell only trustworthy people as some of the details may be personal. It’s important to guard secrets that the Lord gives us.
  4. After you have written the dream down take the dream and break it down piece by piece and ask Holy Spirit for insight into each piece. Here is an example: “I am in a van”– Interpretation: small ministry. “The Number 40 appears on the windshield”– Interpretation: Wilderness season, trials, testing… this is when a dream dictionary may come in handy, however, don’t treat these dictionaries as fool-proof. Remember that the Lord speaks to us in our own language but a Christian dream dictionary can serve as a very useful tool. As you go along, remember to ask Holy Spirit for help. This is also a good way to learn how to listen to Holy Spirit and discern His voice.
  5. After you have broken down the dream piece by piece, go through the whole dream and you should be able to identify the general theme of the dream.
  6. Most importantly ask WHY the Lord gave you this dream. How are you suppose to steward this? Is it for you? Is it for someone else? Is it for your church body? If it is for someone else, you may not need to tell them about it. The Lord may want you to pray for this person.