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So two months ago I started this Stitch Fix thing. It is so crazy-fun basically because I am SO OVERWHELMED when I go shopping that I hardly ever shop. Too many choices, and with my job as a banker I need to not be naked and also not just not-naked but I have to wear NICE clothes. With Stitch Fix, someone else shops for you. You just tell them what you like and don’t like, your size, etc., and they pick out all kinds of cool things. You pay a $20 month styling fee which goes toward your purchase and whatever you don’t like you just send back with your pre-paid postage package. Plus, if you buy all five pieces you get a 25% off discount. If you refer a friend to Stitch Fix you get another $25 off the price. So read my review below and sign up here.

Sign up for Stitch Fix 

This is my third time receiving a fix. Last month I purchased all five items and recieved a whopping $85 discount. This time, I’m not sure it is either within my budget or even in my liking to purchase all the items but there were a few things I was impressed with. Taylor, my Stylist sent me a sweet note. Check it out:


Romolo Collar Necklace


I don’t wear a lot of jewelry and when I do I don’t like it to be over-the-top. I like this piece because it has a little edge and it’s very versatile. I can wear it with so much. I even have some earrings from a previous fix that would go so great with this! A little jewelry does pull an outfit together and gives me a touch more of a professional appearance. I think I’m gonna keep it. What do you think?

RD Style Teagan Wool Coat

I kind of cheated before I got my fix in the mail and looked to see what my stylist picked out by checking out some other reviews online.  I asked for a peacoat and wanted something vintagey. This is not really the style of coat I had in mind. I will say that it is nice and warm though! It had a fuzzy collar which I immediately detached. This made the coat a little more appealing but not by much. Plus, it’s a little big on me. I’m a petite little woman so coats are especially easy to size wrong on me. Just look at how long the sleeves are. Yikes! This was also kinda pricey. I might not have minded paying for it if I had really loved it, though. This one will probably go bye-bye.

Brixon Ivy Lace Pencil Skirt


After posting these pictures, I realized I probably should have showed something with a blouse tucked in. These photos don’t do it justice. Needless to say, I loved this skirt. Loved. It is so, “me”. It has this pretty purple lining underneath the black lace and the leather waistband will look so great with the right blouse. Definitely a keeper.

Le Lis Woven Back Knit Top



So I also asked Taylor to send me something with sort of a vintage floral. I was hoping I would get a sweater because it’s starting to get cool so this was the perfect combo. This will look great with some skinny jeans as well and maybe a pretty gold pendant. Do you like it?

Papermoon Lurline Scoop Neck Blouse

I really liked the print on this top. Really funky and boho but the fit? Just a little… Eh… I have these ample boosums and they sometimes make these loose, boxy fit blouses look more like maternity blouses. If I had tucked it into the skirt, I probably would have had a better result. Still thinking about it though because I could really use some more tops for work. Do you think it’s flattering on me?

What are your favorite pieces in this fix?