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The last couple of weeks have caused me to re-evaluate my music collection. I never thought this would be an issue I would question in my life but the more I’ve thought and prayed about it the more I realize that what I listen to and put before my eyes dulls my Spirit. It keeps me away from the supernatural dimension that I want to be a part of. Mike has recently spoken about how there will be two worship movements being raised up in the endtimes. One of them will be the antichrist worship movement and one will be for Jesus. We need to find and seek out music that is beautiful and artistic but that pushes us closer to the Lord. This kind of music is not very common at the moment but I think if we, as musicians, begin to ask the Lord for the creativity that only comes from heaven, we can exceed the artistic ability of secular society. Satan should not be beating us in this arena but he is, unfortunatly. I am finding a hard time finding the styles of music I enjoy but that edifies my Spirit. It really stinks, actually.

It’s actually caused conviction in my heart and I have been provoked to start making music of my own. Paul Farnham, before he left, prophesied over me that I would be playing an instrument soon. This was a little comforting considering that I have been praying about picking up guitar again (I haven’t played for 10 years).

The truth is, the reason why we don’t have great music that is inspired by the Holy Spirit is because we aren’t taking initiative. It’s pretty stupid. We complain about how crappy Christian music is and then we don’t create anything ourselves. Anyway… someone buy me a guitar and then hold me accountable for the blog I have just written.