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Favorite Color: green… it makes me think of nature, fresh air… it’s very calming

Favorite Car: I could care less about cars.

Favorite Movie: I’m gonna say Amelie. She reminds me of myself, I guess.

Favorite Hobby: reading, writing, music

Favorite Song/Singer: toughie…. I don’t know where to start with this one.

Favorite Book/Author: Secular author would be Jane Austen… so great at portraying the human heart. Spiritual would be Art Katz— Particulary, Reality, Hope of Glory. It’s intense and there are a few bones to spit out but it actually changed my life.

Favorite School Subject: Any of my lit classes. In college, I took a Faulkner/Hemingway seminar that was amazing… but I would have to say my Brit Lit classes were the best.

Favorite Vacay Destination: Easy: LONDON. Amazing city and I definitely want to go back at some point. Los Angeles is a close second but I also enjoy camping.

Favorite Food: Thai yellow curry with jasmine rice

Favorite Restaurant: Blanc Burger in KC, Blue Koi (KC), and Ricci’s (KC), Taco Diner in Dallas

Favorite Animal: dogs, chimpanzees and horses.

Favorite Celebrity: Edward Norton

Favorite Childhood Friend: Sarah Camarata who I am still in touch with. I have memories of roller skating in her basement to Def Leppard and Debbie Gibson, playing Atari and watching soap operas.

Favorite Childhood Memory: There are lots of good ones. I honestly don’t know where to start.

Favorite Baby Name: Haven’t thought much about that. I like Cohen (means “priest”) for a boy and Isabella or Isabel for a girl (long story but this actually has a very significant reason behind it).

Favorite Person in my Life:  I would have to say Missy Morris and Jesus

Favorite Possession: kind of a cliche answer but I would have to say my Bible.

Favorite Fast Food Restaurant: Chick-Fil-A

Favorite Comedian: Conan O’Brian

Favorite Holiday: Christmas

Favorite Number:  don’t really have one…

Favorite Hard Candy: I like the little strawberry candies and Werthers Originals

Favorite Month:  October, pretty fall colors

Favorite Flower: Hydrangae

Favorite Ice Cream: Mocha almond fudge

Favorite Smell: baking cookies and fresh flowerbeds

Favorite Drink:  is a milkshake a drink? spiced chai, I suppose.

Favorite Cartoon Character: I don’t know. Animated stuff freaks me out a little

Favorite Kind of Pants: If I could live in yoga pants or sweats and not live with some sort of social stigma, I would totally do it.

Have Any Pets? Well, I live with a cat named Ellie and technically, I still have a dog that I actually owned for three years… a yellow lab named Neo (and no, I did not name it).

Smoke? nopers.

Exercise? try to as much as I can… but it is hard to find time. I mostly like to run.

Like to Cook? yep but cooking can be expensive. I like to when it looks challenging and interesting and I have the money to do it. Otherwise bleh.

Play An Instrument? I sing and kind of play the keys (but I want to get better)

Dance?  I try.

Write? when I have time… which seems like never these days.

Ski? I haven’t in about twelve years but I use to love it!

Want to Live Somewhere Else? I would love to live in London or New York someday.

Enjoy spending time with your mother? for maybe twenty minutes at a time. hence my issues with other women.

Sleep with a fan on?  no. I live in the basement. it is cool enough down there.

Want to get married? yes, but it feels scary to me. I just don’t want to make the mistake of marrying the wrong person. I can be cynical about it but it’s mostly a defense mechanism.

Have you laughed until you cried? I remember this moment when I was a kid and my family was literally “sitting around the campfire” and we were recalling some stupid story about our dog and my mom and I were laughing so hysterically that we were weeping for like 2 hours afterward. I’m sure the other campers thought we were nuts.

Met someone who changed you? for both the good and the bad, yes.

What were you doing at midnight last night? sleeping

Name something you CANNOT wait for? to see Jesus. To be out of debt. To see my dreams fulfilled. To be happy again. To get married and have a family.

What are you listening to right now? IHOP webstream

Last time you saw your father? It’s been awhile… Maybe a year and a half or so.

Most visited webpage? use to be facebook… now it’s Twitter? and wordpress, I guess.

Do people think you’re weird? absolutely! and I love it…

Are any of your friends mad at you? apparently so.

What’s one new thing you’d like to try? starting my own business.

Other than that? travel the world

Are you a bully? Well, I’ve been told I verbally abuse and yell at people. So I guess I’m a bully.

Do you type fast? yeah…. maybe around 80 somthing wpm

Do you get mad easily? depends on what the offense is, I guess. I hate being mad but there are some things that are really easily set me off. One is lying and another is gossip (most of the time those two go hand in hand).

Who’s your best friend? Jesus.

What’s the longest relationship you’ve been in? mmmm… close to five years… no more comment.

Maybe I should… not procrastinate. be careful who I tell things to.

I love…  Jesus. And sushi. And trusted friends. And my neice who I haven’t even met yet.

Do you like getting hyper? occasionally I snap out of my morose stupors and get waaay overly excited about things.

I don’t understand… God… and I never will but that doesn’t mean I can’t trust Him.

I’ve lost respect for… no comment.

I get annoyed when… no comment. I would probably just write something passive aggressive in this spot so I’m going to avoid this.

Are you neat or sloppy? I have been too busy to be “neat” lately.

Do you have medical problems? No.

Have you dated someone older than you? I have never dated someone younger than me.

How much older? I think the oldest person I dated was about 5 years older than me.

First surgery: Just had a wisdom tooth cut out several years ago.

First piercing: first and only on my lobes

First best friend: Jennifer from next door. I don’t even remember her last name.

First sport you joined: gymnastics… it was pretty much the only organized sport I was ever involved in… from 4th to 8th grade.

First pet: Stryder a yellow lab.

First vacation: mmmm…. I went camping with my grandparents to the boundary waters in Northern Minnesota when I was 4 years old. I have very vague memories of it raining a lot and being excited about washing dishes outside.

First concert: hmmm… I went to Sonshine Fest probably but the first REAL concert I remember going to was Amy Grant’s Lead Me On Tour.

First crush: Darius Voldberg in 4th and 5th grade. He actually died in a drunk driving accident a few years ago. So sad.

First car: a 1999 Saturn SL1… silver plumb.

First thing you notice when you look in the mirror: usually black eyeliner smeared all over my face.

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate of course

Big Mac or Whopper? Whopper, and Coty believe it or not I do like Big Macs as well! SO THERE!

Coke or Pepsi: Pepsi

Coffee or Tea: Earl Grey black tea with vanilla cream and sugar. Yum.

Summer or Winter: Summer… hello…

cats or dogs: Dogs all the way. Cats are annoying.

Boxers or Briefs: ummm… I think this question is for guys.

rain or shine: if outside, shine… if inside rain.

Morning or Night: I love the night… Mornings are my enemy.

Silver or Gold: I enjoy both.

Sunset or Sunrise: I have probably seen many more sunrises in the last few years… I think I’ll go with that one.

Oldest, middle, youngest or only child: I have a bad case of middle child syndrome.

Indoor or Outdoors: depends on the weather but if I had to pick one, it would be the outdoors.

Got a Speeding Ticket: I only had 9 lives. I was pulled over 9 times without even a warning before that dreadful day in September of 05 in Dallas, TX, on the way to my friend Shannon’s to get my headshots done.

Screened Your Phone Calls: ummmm yeah.

Eaten Food off the Floor: maybe like an m&m or 2…. or 3

Cried During A Movie: I don’t know. it takes a lot to get me to cry.

Had Your Heart Broken?: ugggghhh…

Had a good feeling about something: yes. but usually I discover I’m wrong.

Pulled an all-nighter: Well I was on the nightwatch at IHOP for 6 months so… the answer would be YES.


I have recently been given the opportunity to receive FREE books and write reviews on them in my blog. I can’t pass up a free book and am excited that my book shelf is already crammed full enough for me to have to buy a SECOND shelf. So in the days to come, please expect some insightful views on various pieces of literature.

As for my actual life, well, I’m learning to keep most secrets between Holy Spirit and myself. Now and then, I will have a dream that I think is relevant enough for my audience to read about but for the most part they were given mainly for my own learning/rebuke/warning/edification.

I’ve started on the prophecy teams again. This time, I am opting for the Thursday afternoon team. I enjoyed the evening team on Thursday nights but have decided to reserve late nights for my private time with the Lord. I am very pleased with the leadership over this team. Esther Myung, the team leader, has exceptional leadership skills. She is compassionate, humble, caring, and gentle with correction. I think she is the perfect leader for me in this season of my life.

There is a dream that I’ve had in the last week that the Lord has been giving me some insight into but I want to be very careful in how I word the dream… so it may be a few days before I get to it.

Thursday, at work, I began feeling feverish and achey. My throat felt like it was on fire and well life was not fun anymore. Let’s just put it that way.  So I took Alicia to a meeting at FSM at 3 and drove directly to CVS where I bought a thermometer, took my tempurature and found out I had a temp of a 102. 102 is not deadly or anything but it definitely makes things uncomfortable. I hadn’t been this sick since I first came to IHOP almost 3 years ago. I went to the Minute Clinic on State Line as early as possible the next morning where I was told I had both a sinus infection and some kind of virus. I’ve been laying in bed for three days, drinking water and taking anti-biotics, and well 3 other kinds of medication… and I still feel like crap AND my fever won’t go away. I missed work on Friday, class with Shelley on Friday and Hope training with Bob Hartley on Saturday. I remember the days when I wished I was sick so I could miss school. What the heck was I thinking???

I can’t complain too much though. If anything, being sick forces me to talk to Jesus.. about anything and everything. As of now, I’m borrowing my roommates laptop because I no longer have my own. I mean, really, what else could I possibly do when my eyes  are burning from fever and I can’t look at a television screen or even read a book (though this has improved significantly today).

I have been learning in the last few weeks that God has had a case of mistaken identity in my life. God is truly a rejoicing, glad, affectionate presence in my life. It is not my works or my abilities or even my lack thereof that measures my holiness… it is where I am in proximity to the throne of God.  This is what makes me holy. The closer I am to Jesus and the more I open my heart to Him… even the ugly areas… and allow the Cross to be the ramp into the Holy of Holies, the less I rely on my own abilities to change myself. The result is a confidence before God of His goodness and grace. A confidence that is not of myself but comes through Holy Spirit. 

I plan on getting into this with more depth later when my thoughts are a bit more cohesive.

Money has been pretty tight the last couple of months and it seems that I have all kinds of extra expenses avalanching into one big disaster. Trusting Jesus is pretty much the only answer to this issue since He won’t allow me to get a job outside of IHOP. I’m not quite sure when my breaks will completley fall out of my car and something else has been recently making a lot of rattling noise in my mini-van. I had an unfortunate fender-bender last month and somehow I have to come up with an extra $1,000.  Not only this but I have to dish out 285 dollars for Living Waters and well… the usual bills and expenses that are just killing me.

So I came up with an idea.  I’m going to replace my own brake rotors.  We did it during World War II, why shouldn’t we be able to fix stuff in 2008? is the greatest piece of internet ingenuity in history… literally.

I have had way too much fun with this today.