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I guess you could consider me a marketplace person… sort of… but not really…. yeah, I don’t know. I’m the lead buyer for the Forerunner Bookstore here at IHOP as well as an Intercessory Missionary. I provide awesome resources that allow people to grow in relationship with Jesus and I help fund the prayer movement through the sales of the books I buy for the bookstore. It really is a fulfilling job and I enjoy it very much.

And because I am (sort of) a marketplace person, I have an excuse to go to these awesome Joseph Company events. Bob Fraser and Bob Hartley are currently my favorite people on the base. I don’t know if that’s a godly thing to say or not but they’re still my favorites. In fact the whole JOCO team is to be highly esteemed and admired. I went to the Practical Prophetic Hearing Summit back in December and was very impressed by the presence of Jesus that exuded from each team member. Because of my experience in the last event, I couldn’t miss the Practical Prayer Intensive that they had this weekend.   There is Fraser and his grace for wisdom who also has a great teaching gift and Hartley who carries the Father’s heart in the prophetic. I love those guys! They are such a gift to the missions base.

The Lord spoke to me many things about the current state of my heart and one of those things that he spoke about is using a filter with the pearls that He gives to me. So therefore, I’m not quite ready to share some of the intense things He has been doing in my heart but keep checking back because I may be sharing sooner than I think.