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Tonight I hung out with the group from IHOP-Honolulu. We gathered at Reagan’s and ate and shared our hearts. This is a great group who has a real passion for a God-centered, prayerful community in Hawaii. Hawaiians are big on community and fellowship, this coupled with a heart to really love Jesus with their lives makes them a very special group. Tomorrow, they are leaving to go back to the island fueled with the great teaching and encouragement they have received here in KC. Yay for Jesus!

To mix things up a bit, I have an exciting bit of news. Friday night the Lord gave me a dream. I won’t share all of the dream because it is a bit personal but in the last part of the dream I knock on the door of my friends James and Annette. James and Annette were sort of my youth pastors growing up. I use to go to prayer meetings at their house on Friday nights. Anyway, in my dream I inform them that I need healing and asked them to pray for me. They of course said yes and laid their hands on me that I might be healed. After a short time, I was instantly healed of my affliction. In my dream I was so surprised that it seemed so easy for God to heal me and they informed me “oh, it happens all the time. The Lord loves to heal!”. I woke up with this surge of power running through my body. In reality, I didn’t really have the physical affliction in my dream but I still felt the Holy Spirit on me when I woke up.

The next day (Saturday), I phoned Annette and told her about the dream and then found myself prophesying over her and James that the Lord was anointing them to heal the sick  and the broken-hearted.  Annette is funny and she is one that… ahem… visibly enjoys the presence of the Lord quite often. She was getting… umm… blessed as I was prophesying over her.

The following day was Sunday. They went to church and there was a woman there that had been deaf since birth. SHE WAS NEVER ABLE TO HEAR A THING IN HER LIFE. At the end of the service she went forward for prayer and James and Annette felt the prompting to go up and pray for her for healing. Several other people followed behind them and a small gathering began interceding for her healing. Suddenly the woman began hearing a whistling sound. Annette felt the power of God on her and began shouting very unexpectedly and very loudly in the room. That’s when something really broke loose. The woman began screaming “I CAN HEAR!!!!”. JESUS OPENED HER EARS!!! For the first time in her life she was able to hear her son (who is now a grown man) say the words “I love you.”

Can you believe this??? I love how the Lord uses all of us to work together to get His work accomplished on earth.  The woman doesn’t have 100% hearing yet (but who does?) but the church is praying for a complete healing work. She actually was a bit frightened by the whole experience. Can you imagine what it would be like to experience sound for the very first time? SCARY!  How exciting though. Go God!


1. I might be going to Dallas this next weekend (that is, if the mailman delivers my refund check on time)!! I’m planning on having plenty of friend-time when I get there which causes excitement and also makes me nervous. I’m not really the same girl I was when I left D-Town a year and a half ago.  This trip will include a shopping trip to Ikea and plenty of discussions about boys.

2.  Update on my Aunt. She is traveling to Redding California to Bill Johnson’s church. Apparently Bill’s church has declared itself “cancer free” and they have testimonies of cancer healing WEEKLY. This excites me.

3. It is a painful thing when God begins drawing old pain to the surface. I’ve never been confronted with my own “issues” more than when I came here to IHOP… which is probably the reason why He won’t let me leave. Being on a worship team is one of those things that exposes the insecurities in my heart. It is positively torturous. There are so many reasons why I would just love to drop right out and disappear but God doesn’t seem willing to let me do this. I’m one of those crazy individuals that would rather just not allow herself to be visible than to have to be confronted by her lack of perfection. I’m learning a whole new definition of “going low”.

4. I have been having more and more scary end-times dreams. In the last one, I was rescuing a family from evil beasts and terrorists that were taking over the city. It was so intense that I had a hard time shaking off the horror after I woke up. I don’t know if I have felt anything quite like it.

5. I am coming to terms with the fact that I actually need people. Relationships breed wisdom and character. I’m forming nice bonds here with people that are mature and that I feel safe around. It is starting to feel like a family and within the bonds of a healthy family can we only be healed (with the help of the Holy Spirit, of course).