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My roommate and I were having a “discussion” tonight. She was saying that an Anna calling and a prophetic messenger calling are completely seperate from themselves. I told her that you cannot seperate the two. I adopted my beliefs from something Stuart said about this one time. He said that in order to be a prophetic messenger or what we call “Forerunner” that we also have to be an Anna. Why? Because we have to learn how to hear the voice of God in order to prophesy. How do we learn to hear the voice of God? By spending time with Him hours upon hours a day. Sure, we can all prophesy little things at times to eachother but people who really have a relationship with the Holy Spirit will eventually do things like Elijah did with the prophets of Baal (I can’t help it, I love that story). Without spending lots of time with God we can’t operate in power and we can’t operate under a prophetic anointing… pure and simple. So….

We’d like to know you’re opinion… What do you think?

And also… is a prophetic messenger and evangelist the same? I say it CAN be but in essence, no.


WHAT IS GOING ON? I feel like I could sponaneaously combust with the amount of downloads I’ve been receiving from the Holy Spirit.

I called my dad tonight. If you don’t know my dad, you should. He’s one cool daddy and one of my best friends. It is certainly not because of his failings as a father that I have made some stupid decisions in my life. He’s also another reason I’m an intercessor because He would get up at like 5:30 or 6 to spend time with Jesus way before we were even up for school (I just know this because I had to get up to pee a lot).  Anyway, I was gushing about Art Katz over the phone with him. I think I have an obsession with Art Katz now. Anyway, my dad says in a very casual manner “oh yeah. I took him out to eat a few times.”


“DAD. SHUT UP.” (I do not say this in a disrespectful way… just so you know) My dad laughs softly.

“Dad. No really. SHUT UP. Are you serious?” “Yeah. I worked for Mike Evans in the seventies, remember. Mike is Jewish, Art is Jewish, so I took him out to eat.”


I can’t believe my dad had dinner with Art Katz not only once but several times. He even had cool stories to tell about him. That’s… insane.

On to other things. Elijah and John the Baptist. WOW. Okay. These guys make me feel like I’m not saved at all.

If you think about it Elijah spent years and years and years out in the wilderness learning how to hear the voice of God so that God could empower him for one incredible moment in history… when he kicked the prophets of Baal in the tail (no pun intended). That is my favorite story in the Bible (oh and also the one about Shadrach, Meshach and Abendigo in the fiery furnace… dang that’s a good one too). How else could he have done what He did? He totally knew how to abide in God. He had years and years of cultivating the Spirit of God in His life and God used Him mightily because of it. John the B as well. The dude dressed the same and ate the same as Elijah and hung out in the wilderness his whole life just so that he could live out this very brief ministry that ended up helping Jesus completly change the world.

Basically after last week I don’t even feel like the same person anymore. Yep. Pretty sure I’m not. In light of all the crazy stuff Jesus is revealing to me about my future, studying the lives of John the Baptist and Elijah… instill terror into my very soul. But I actually feel a tangible outpouring of grace on myself and it’s absalutely mind-blowing.

To put it simply… I feel like wetting myself.

But then I remember the part about Elijah when the people repent after seeing his alter come ablaze with the power of God and how God’s promised rains (because of their repentance) come and Elijah goes up to this cliff top and he puts his face to the ground because he knows that he is weak and he can do nothing apart from God. God gave him what He needed to set that alter ablaze.


Jesus. Help me to always always behold your beauty. Help me to remember each day that it’s all about You. It’s all about You and if I don’t behold Your beauty each day then it is not worth it. Nothing is worth it if I don’t remember Your love. Oh God I need Your grace to do anything, to walk out anything and everything You have called me to.