Writing is one of my favorite things in the world. If I could actually earn a decent living at it, I would not get tired of writing all day. But been there, done that. It didn’t exactly work out. I have to pay my bills and buy things like food… and Stitch Fixes. I realize I have badly neglected this blog. I have never, ever, in the history of blogging gone for this long without writing something. And to be honest, I’m not completely certain why the writing stopped. Part of it is the time factor. I have a real, grownup job now. I help manage a bank. I know. Super adult, right? I mean it’s me we’re talking about. I’ve done everything but have a real, grownup job. Everything from being a missionary/singer to being a copywriter who sits in her pajamas all day to cleaning houses to selling barbecue grills all over the country (I hated that job). Having a real job means you can’t use the company’s resources and time to write about the crazy life-lessons you are learning.
But there is another factor. My life the last year or two has been emotionally, spiritually, and relationally chaotic. Sometimes just a little chaotic but other times a lot chaotic with some happy times mixed in. I won’t be a total downer. I haven’t really had the desire to write about it because I was already feeling vulnerable enough and it wasn’t something that I could be vulnerable with in a public way. So we’ll just leave it at that and start something new. Totally, completely new.

Because it’s a new season. And things are getting better and healed and freer. Kind of. Well, like I said… they’re “getting there”. A couple of months ago, even though I wasn’t really having the desire or motivation to write, I was having one of my Jesus conversations and that desire began creeping up in my heart again. So I asked Him if I was going to start writing again. He began talking to me about my role as a writer and that the things I write are coming from my heart—the heart that He gave me. And because my heart was wounded and hurting, He wanted to make sure it was healed so that the purest revelation possible could flow from it. Sounds like wisdom to me. So expect some more of these in the near future. Catch that? NEAR future.