Yesterday morning I woke up and had this feeling that I had just woken up from some spectacular dream world. Okay, I probably did actually wake up from a dream, knowing me, but something had happened the night before, in my waking hours, where I began to question God… “did that really happen? That wasn’t some alternate reality was it? Like, that was for real, God?”

It took me an entire day to actually snap back into “the now” from what I had experienced and I woke up this morning feeling like I was about to find myself in a fairy tale. Yes, I said fairy tale. I don’t remember how long ago it was… maybe about a month or so ago I was sitting in bed talking to Jesus and He showed me a picture of Cinderella. You know her… the fairy tale princess who comes from living in dirty rags to living in palaces and marrying a handsome prince who is madly in love with her. Yes, that’s the girl. A few days later, while attending Freedom Prayer training, I saw the same picture… Cinderella. As I prayed with a woman about the vision I realized that Jesus was saying that this was me. I was Cinderella. Little ol’ me! What took me even more by surprise was when one of our pastors, Holly Reicks, began praying for me the next day at church and saw a fairy tale world. she said it was so beautiful that I didn’t believe it was real but she whispered in my ear… “it is soooo real!!”.

The truth is, we really do live in an alternate universe as believers. I lead this song at church called, “I See Heaven”. It’s about living in a spiritual dimension… a heavenly dimension that is so out of this world that it’s hard to believe it actually exists. Experiencing God is a reality in this world. Angelic activity is a reality in this world. Life giving things happen in this world. In this world our lives and hearts are forever restored and redeemed! In Ephesians 2:6 it says that upon salvation we are immediately sitting next to Jesus in heavenly places. This is our new reality. When we realize this is our reality, everything changes. EVERYTHING.

I don’t know how His goodness works, exactly. I know that there are people all over the world that are passionate about Jesus and still experience great pain. I know there are Believers in prison camps and torture chambers. I know that Christians are martyred daily… lots and lots of them. Somehow, I have to believe that even in the midst of such horrendous pain, these people can still live in a heavenly dimension that sustains them through it all… and not just sustains them but where they actually see the goodness of God while here on earth. I have to believe that this is possible!

Though I know we go through tough seasons for a reason; to mature and grow and strengthen us, I also know that He is OVERJOYED when He gets to show His goodness to us as a tangible reality. We literally get to experience a fairy tale world with Him. He does want us to get through all of the hard things so that we are ready for all the good things He has for us. All of those hard things are His mercy, really. They are His mercy so that we aren’t like little babies destroying the precious jewels that He hands us and squandering all that He offers.

I know that there are always going to be hard things but last night as I laid in bed, I felt the presence of God come upon me and I heard Him tell me over and over that that a new season of His goodness was ahead. That He wasn’t going to allow my legs to be broken anymore. That He was so excited about what was ahead for me. I felt like arguing with Him for awhile. But it’s ME God. I’m not good enough. I’m not special enough. I’m not beautiful enough. I’m just not enough. And He whispered back to me, but don’t you see? You’re worth everything to me.