A few years ago, I was at an event in Minneapolis when a woman whom I didn’t know came up to me and handed me a piece of prophetic art that she drew for me. The artwork had a picture of a little girl on a tricycle and she was riding her trike down a road which led to a ferris wheel in the distance. On the bottom of the picture she wrote, “Childlike. Trust! Do not fear and be ready for high adventure! Proverbs 3:3”.

For some reason that picture, which I have hanging on my bedroom wall, came to mind last night while I was sitting in cell group. I started to think about what I was like as a kiddo. What did I do to have fun? What was my relationship with Jesus like? How did I relate to Him? And then I remembered. Yes, I had lots of fun when I was a kid. I rode my bike all over town with my friends where we hijacked all of the Butterfingers in the small grocery stores with change from the couch cushions. Like typical girls, my friends and I played games where we went “shopping” in my bedroom, pricing everything in my room and purchasing it. We went to the beach. We hiked at Prentice Park and drank Artesian spring water with our hands. We preformed cartwheels down the sidewalk and during the winter went ice skating almost every day… well you get the hint. I was a typical kid. Kinda.

I don’t know how it happened or when, exactly, it happened but when I was pretty young I fell in love with Jesus. Last night I remembered those times, having what I would call “church” in my bedroom. I lead worship (for real), I preached a sermon from my little pink Precious Moments Bible to my stuffed animals, and then I had prayer time. I remember seeing Jesus in my bedroom. I remember hearing His voice even. I remember crying because I wanted to be closer to Him. I remember telling Him I loved Him.

Right now, I am trying to dialogue with God on how these memories relate to my present life in Him. How the artwork I was given, and the journey I am currently on all correlate into one big picture. This journey of trust and adventure.

Last year, while still living in Little Rock, I was planning on moving to Texas. I didn’t want to live in Arkansas and had promised my parents I would never ever live there permanently. However, the Lord relentlessly poked at my heart and asked me to stay. It didn’t make any sense to me at the time. Why in the world would He want me here? There aren’t any churches I feel led to attend, and the ones that I have tried to plug into lacked many things that I deeply desire in a church body. WHY? It would be so much easier to move to Texas where I already have a large group of friends and get plugged back into my life there instead of this religious, Bible-belt wasteland.

And you know the story. I found my awesome church, Grace Fellowship. I lead worship there along with a few others and I love it. I have a great community that is always pursuing love and the deep things of God. But I know that’s not the end of the story. I know  that God has so many deeper things ahead for me to discover and some of them might possibly be frightening… and I suppose that is where the trust and adventure needs to kick in. There is still more ahead and I have no idea what that looks like right now but I know He is good. He is still the same Jesus that appeared in my Strawberry Shortcake bedroom.