It is a scary thing to expose your heart to the world. I know I’ve written about this before but I often have trouble trying to find the balance between sharing too much personal information while still being vulnerable enough that people can identify with my own personal struggles. I can’t remember how many times I have listened to a song or read something that brought me to tears simply because I could completely relate to what the author was experiencing. I want to be that kind of artist, whether it be through music or writing. If I can share a piece of myself that will bring healing to others than I suppose that the risk of baring my soul will be worth it.

Salinger was a master at vulnerability. His novel, Catcher in the Rye, exposed the hidden pain of an entire generation to an emotionally stifled world. For the first time, many teenagers who were being suffocated by depression were allowed to see that they were not alone in their pain. Jesus is also vulnerable. I talk about Him in present tense because He is still a Man and He is still vulnerable with us. The words He spoke to His fishermen and the throngs of people that followed Him everywhere were laced with emotion. When He speaks to me today I still feel His anguish for those who can’t break themselves from deception, addiction, loneliness, and hopelessness. He doesn’t have defense mechanisms like we do. He doesn’t put up walls when we do something that causes Him pain. He already knows when we will reject Him and run from Him… yet He still keeps coming toward us.

Vulnerability is synonymous with courage. It’s easy for me to be vulnerable with my laptop and not have to look someone in the eye while doing it. It’s a whole other level of courageous to be vulnerable with someone emotionally when I can be rejected at the same moment, whether it’s talking about my pain or weakness or feelings. But I think while I’m learning this valuable part of relationship, I am also beginning to understand that I can be vulnerable because He is vulnerable. If He can be vulnerable enough to wear His heart on His sleeve while hanging naked and bleeding then I can risk exposing everything I am so that others can be healed as well. More later…