I’ve often wondered which side of the family I get my prophetic dreams from. Oftentimes, spiritual gifts are passed on through generations.  I discovered today, that this gift was passed onto me from my father’s side of the family.

My dad had been in full-time ministry for twenty years and because of life circumstances, had to leave and get a “real job” when I was about 17 or 18. But for some reason, crazy stuff would happen. Many of the businesses he worked for would close up. Random, weird things would happen and he was not excelling at all in his job. I remember the Lord speaking to me about this many times while praying for my family and one day I called Dad up and told him that he was having problems in his new career, simply because he was called to ministry and the Lord had lifted favor off of him for that reason. Of course, I was his little girl so my credibility in life situations wasn’t exactly reasonable so he didn’t necessarily agree with me ;).

Well about a couple of years ago my dad had a dream that he was in a prison wearing an orange jumpsuit with a bunch of other prisoners… and who was there with him but Jesus, Himself! My Dad and Jesus rounded up the prisoners and led them out of prison… a long stream of them.

Sometime later, not sure if it was a few months or a year later, my Dad hears of a position as a ministerial counselor in a nearby prison. He applies for the job and they interview him THREE times… but they decide to hire someone else. It was a pretty big disappointment. But dun dun dun……

Today, Dad phones me and tells me that  yes… a year or so after he was denied the position, they call him up and offer the job to him FOR REAL this time. I responded to the news with a simple statement “it’s just like the dream Jesus gave you Dad!”

You see, Jesus gives us little hints like this to confirm that when it actually happens… it is because of HIM all the way! I am so thankful for his provision and leadership and that He loves to be a part of our lives.