I am fast approaching the end of my third decade. On December 18th I will be thirty years old. Now I can safely say that I am one of “those people” who can begin sentences with “I remember twenty years ago when…”. The last ten years of my life have been a remarkable journey with Jesus. I am dedicating this blog to that journey and taking a look at the changes that have taken place in my life since then. Ten years ago:

1)  MXPX was my favorite band. Now I can honestly say that their music resembles noisy muppets.

2)  I attended a non-charismatic mega-church with a lot of wealthy Southern people. I am now a member of a small spirit-filled ministry in a small town in Minnesota.

3)  I was filling out applications to attend college. I still have not finished that degree.

4)  I didn’t know who I was and tried to find my identity in a romantic relationship. Now, I find my identity in the love of God and the destiny the Father speaks over my life.

5)  I thought tattoos on boys were hot.  Now I think they are ridiculous.

6)  I had a short “dharma” cut (made famous by Dharma from the tv show “Dharma and Greg”). I now have long “er” hair that is desperate need of the scissors.

7)  I had no money. Some things never change. I think I am now back to the same salary I was receiving when I was 20.

8)  I was working as a pre-school teacher at an inner city Christian school. I now work at a small-town law office as a secretary.

9)  I co-owned a house with a boy. I now rent a room in a house with three other women.

10)  I basically thought my dreams of being in ministry were over. I am having those dreams fulfilled right now as a member of the Firestarters.

Thank you Jesus… especially for changing my taste in music… errr just kidding… and for changing my taste in tattoos.