I heard Bob Hartley tell a story about one of his daughters who had seriously mis-behaved one morning. Bob had a meeting which he was already late for and his daughter was making him even more late. He was exhasperated and after the episode and got in his car to attempt to make it to the meeting as soon as he could. He and his daughter have a special time on some mornings where they go and have donuts together. Right as Bob hopped in his car, his little girl ran out of the house to his car window and yelled out “DONUTS!”. Bob just looked at her with a: are you kidding me… you’ve already made me late for work because of you naughtiness expression on his face. She looked at him again: “DONUTS!” she yelled.Bob finally replied with “and what makes you think I would have donuts with you today after how you have behaved?”. His little girl looked up at him and responed simply with “because I know who you are.”

I thought about this verse yesterday as I was beating myself up about my past financial irresponsibility. I was now in a jam and didn’t really foresee a way out of it at this point. I was fretting about how I would make an extra $300 dollar student loan payment on top of credit card bills, rent, food, gas and especially nervous about having to pay the property tax on my car in July. Last night I thought I would have to have yet another one of my sleepless nights when I thought of the story of Bob and his daughter. “Abba. I know this mess is my fault but I know you’re a good Dad and I trust that even when I make mistakes you delight in me and will take care of me.”

This morning I called the student loan people and explained to them my issues and they have now reduced my payment to 150 a month and I won’t have to pay at all for the month of June so that I can pay my property tax! Praise God that we have a good Dad who really does love us, even when we make mistakes. He is so full of mercy!