*I wrote this in about 5 minutes so keep this in mind when you see this rough cut.

Dim, orangey light in ironcast mold

Misting through ancient glass

Surrounded by dank darkness

Night unfeeling, not responding

Hanging alone on a nail, thrust through wood

Touched with holy blood


Lone, thin flame, how long will you hang from

Such places of death?

Until such darkness becomes as tar

Allowing for bright, penetrating light of love

To burn radiant away evil

Until one hand with nail scar comes

Removes lantern, shatters ancient glass, ironcast mold

Takes thin flame in hand, clasps it, brightening brown skin

Until arm pulsates with glory, eversteady, unchanging light

Consuming all of God-man until all in deep darkness

Come, un-hidning, not avoiding

This anti-illusion.