I have been really feeling great about my supposed move to a new apartment next week. I felt that this transition was really key to the journey Jesus was on with me. It would give me plenty of time alone with the Lord and a quiet place that I could let everything hang out with him. I had a roommate that was lined up that is very quiet and sweet so I thought for sure it was going to work out. I am suppose to move on the 24th… a week from today.

This past week I went to the prophecy rooms sort of on accident. I wasn’t really planning on it and then they happened to need people. During my time in there, Esther Min began affirming me on some things that were taking place in my life right now. That I was making wise decisions and also affirming the deep things the Lord was doing in my life. But immediately she caught my attention when she said: “I feel like Jesus is going to come into your house. Yeah. I feel like he is going to wake you up in your house in the middle of the night and you are goin got have encounters with Him.”

This was confirmation for me that this move was really strategic from the Lord.

However, I’m a little bit concerned as to the status of my roommate situation at the moment. She might have bailed on me. She is currently MIA when we have literally a week before our move and I have nowhere to go after that.

Last night as I sat in my room worrying about things the Lord spoke to me and said: Don’t you remember planning things before and they never worked out exactly how you thought they would but I always, always come through for you?  Things aren’t always as you imagine them to be.

It’s true. The unexpected always seems to happen to me. Jesus loves to keep me on my toes.

I am still praying that this roomie will come around. I know the Lord wants her here and the enemy is cunning and sneaky and there is always warfare surrounding big steps of obedience.