I so love being by myself and yet I haven’t been home except to sleep in the last week. I’m tired and when things get to this point and I haven’t had any time to rejuvinate by myself, I tend to completely zone-out in mid-conversation. My brain is so longing to be away from people that it will do whatever it can to just “MAKE THEM GO AWAY!”. Last night during a visit to Chipotle with a friend as we were leaving, I first forgot my umbrella, then my keys and I’m pretty sure I looked like an idiot walking in and out of Chipotle approximately 4 times. I just want to be by myself and I really hope that nothing else comes up today or I think I might die.

How can one get so offended by Facebook? Am I child? Possibly. I have now lost two votes on the Superlatives application for “Most Likely to Save the Enviroment”. I love the enviroment!!! Just because I wanted to vote for Huckabee should not be a reason that you should vote against me with this. I voted for babies over trees but I still love trees! If Democrats  just would start trying to save babies I might be a Democrat but I just can’t justify voting for someone who thinks it’s okay for women to burn to death their unborn babies. I’m sorry but all other issues pale in comparison to this one. I can’t overlook it.

But darnit… I don’t want people to think I’m a ignorant, narrow-minded, southern hick (which, contrary to popular belief, I’m not southern) who doesn’t care about the enviroment.