I sang this song at my Aunt's memorial service and I thought I'd share it because it has some incredibly powerful lyrics. Listen to them closely. If it wasn't for the Holy Spirit I wouldn't have been able to finish the song at all.

This video is a little creepy but I wanted to use the original writer, Julie Miller, also because she has a very unique voice. Jars of Clay and Kim Hill also sing this song.

This is such a surreal time for me. I wanted Scarlett to be at my wedding. I wanted her to be a Great Aunt to my kids. I wanted her and Uncle Robert to come and retire at IHOP (they were subscribers to the webstream and have been to Onething.

There have been a lot of personal things happening with the family since Sunday (for obvious reasons). We have been praying for her to get up out of that casket and we’re still praying but my heart just wants to go on with the grieving process. On the way up to Little Rock the Lord reminded me of the story of Lazarus. Jesus had intentionally waited four days to come to Bethany to heal Lazarus, even at the urgent promptings of Laz’s sisters. When He walked into town, Mary met him and asked Him why in the world He waited so long. It wasn’t even a thought in her head that Jesus could raise Lazarus. It wasn’t even an option for her.

It struck me that we had prayed and interceded and commanded healing into her body but we forgot (at least I did for moment) that it was all about Jesus and nothing about what we could do, what kind of healing anointing we had or how long and hard we could fast and intercede would do the trick. It would be Jesus that would heal her… not us. If He chooses to not raise her before her funeral in Houston tomorrow than I still have to trust that He raises the dead. I still have to set my face like flint and love Him even when I don’t understand at all.

He is a good, good, wonderful God.