1. I’m currently reading a biography of Joan of Arc, written by a secular author. I had no idea there were so many miraculous events that happened on the battlefield with her! She has now earned second place on my “hero list” (Jesus being first, of course). She was a truly humble, pure, courageous, strong woman of God who had a deeply profound relationship with the Lord. Even the author could not deny some of the historical records of miraculous events that took place. It makes me wonder what kinds of plans God has for France in the end of the age. As I see it now, France is not exactly the hot spot for the next big revival (seeing as how the birthing of overt Satanaism began here along with having a notorious reputation for Freemasonry and well… rudeness)… but I think it could be. I think I’m going to make France (along with England, of course) my next little intercession project.

2. I was talking to a friend last night and he informed me that he stopped drinking and that he would never drink again. Apparently, I scared the mashuga out of him a few weeks ago. I told him a story of a drinking experience I had about a year before I came to IHOP. I went to a party with my friend Erica on a Friday night and had a pina colada and I think maybe a beer. We then went to a little place in Mockingbird Station where I had a glass of white wine. I was a little woozy and went home afterward, half-walked, half-stumbled into my apartment where my roommate, Amber giggled at my wooziness. I threw myself on my bed and instantly fell into a deep sleep. In the middle of the night I woke up and lo and behold my bedroom wall opened up and I was looking straight into a demonic portal. Not kidding. I saw what I think was a strong man… basically a demon in human form and then I look up and there is a demon in my bed with it’s hand on my head cackling at me. Drinking, if it alters you emotionally or in any other way… is witchcraft. Did you know that the Greek word for witchcraft is Pharmacopia? It’s where we get our word “pharmacy” from. Alcohol is a drug and therefore can be used to open up some serious super-natural activity and usually it is not heavenly activity. Before that moment I didn’t think drinking was a big deal at all. Drugs were bad, for sure… but drinking… it was fun. Nothing wrong with a little fun. Well sexual immorality is fun for a season too. So is shoplifting. We can rationalize anything we want to. Now if you’re having one beer or a glass of wine and it doesn’t affect you like that, then I think it’s okay… but we have to ask ourselves… why are we drinking it in the first place?

3. It’s time to go have Indian food. Later taters.